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Vinnie Penna and Dawn McGee.
Photo: Joe Wehry

"BOTTOM LINE: The Average-Sized Mermaid is a wonderfully written adult fairy tale about keeping your dignity through the hardships of love.

(Dawn) McGee is absolutely charming as Miriam: with great comic timing and the utmost truth she assumes the role of the confident feminist with something to say, while maintaining a dejected vulnerability that she just can’t shake. (Vinnie) Penna is a pleasant voice of reason and a charming yin to McGee’s mermaid yang.

At its heart, The Average-Sized Mermaid is a delightful, modern fairy tale, and it is at its best when it lets its fantastical and sincere world drive the story."

-- from Molly Marinik's review of THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID, Theater is Easy, 8/14/11


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