Sunday, July 17, 2011

New MER-PERKS Announced for our Fundraising Campaign!

Great news for all of our fin-tastic funders: our Indiegogo campaign has been updated to include categories of support and sen-SEA-tional perks at each one!

All donations will be acknowledged on our Support-Mers Page for all the world to see, but check out our MER-PERKS*:

  • $25: FIN-TASTIC FRIENDS receive our oFISHial "permanently-out-there-in-the-world-of-cyberspace" thank you on our website + our exclusive and succinct MERbacker updates!

  • $40: COOL CRUSTACEANS get everything $25 gets + an oFISHial thank you IN PRINT in our program, which you'll see when you claim your one (1) free ticket to the show!

  • $100: DOLPH-WINNERS get everything $40 gets + one additional (2 total) free tickets to the show + a fashionably trend-setting, ecologically sensible, limited edition MERtote!

Come on, Dolph-winners. You know you want one!
  • $175: SUPPORTIVE SHARKS get everything $100 gets + an ORIGINAL "2 Minutes or Under" personalized audition monologue written by playwright Jessica Fleitman suited to your acting strengths and interests, or give as a gift to the starving actor/actress that you love!

  • $275: BIG TUNAS get everything $175 gets + two additional tickets to the show (4 total) + a (1) one hour monologue coaching session with Mind The Gap Theatre’s Artistic Director, Paula D'Alessandris for you, or as a gift to the starving actor/actress that you love! 

  • $500: ANGELFISH get everything $275 gets + a FULL EVALUATION of your play or musical, or give as a gift to the struggling writer(s) that you love, by New York theatre industry professional, Robin Rothstein!

  • $1,000: RULERS OF ATLANTIS get everything $500 gets + A PRODUCER CREDIT ON THE PRODUCTION, including a full biography on our website under "Creative Team" and in our show's program for all to see!

ANNNNND … THE HIGHEST BACKER gets all the items included in the category within which s/he contributed + WILL HAVE HIS/HER NAME WRITTEN INTO “THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID” AND WILL BE HEARD BY THE THRONGING MASSES ATTENDING OUR PRODUCTION! Don't miss your chance to be part of New York theater history!

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID TODAY! We thank you for your support. It means more than you know!

*Note: We are showing intense self-restraint by not referring to our new perks as MERks (which we would never do because we're bastions of good taste (or should we say SEbastions? Like the crab in the Little Mermaid? (or should we say SEAbastions... oh lord, it's like the Inception of mer-puns... how are we ever to escape from this parenthetical prison?))).

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